Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yesterday I reached a secret personal goal.  I often have secret goals.  They're really essential when you are planning world-domination.  Now that I'm getting older though, I have to realize - I'd be happy enough with household domination.  It is exhausting to crush uprisings of laundry, dust bunnies and dirty dishes.  One day, I will control the tri-room area.

But I digress.  One of the goals, which I referred to the other day, is to get healthier.  Lets put it into black and white; I want to sveltify myself.  Ok!  Ok!  I want to lose some pounds.  I started pretty intensely in mid-September and as of yesteray, I'd reached 20 pounds lost! 

Pictured above: black and white brownies.  Something I'm eating a lot less of.
I was pretty confounded because last week was the week from hell.  I didn't exercise at all.  I ate cheesecake.  I quit the gym (which incidentally I hadn't set foot in since September).  I curled up in a fetal position a couple of times.  And I lost a couple of pounds.  What?  Easiest diet plan ever!  I'm going to call it the No-Gym Fetal Cheesecake Diet (TM).

I've got some ways more to go, but for now, I feel like celebrating.  But instead of eating 20 brownies, I purchased a few songs off iTunes to mix it up when I take my daily mile(s).

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